Garage door technology

State of the art

There is very little similarity between a garage door you may have purchased 20 years ago, and the type of doors we supply today. They may look similar, but our products really are now state of the art.

Technology is at the heart of every door… and in fact, in every slat, spring, screw or bolt we use. The doors themselves started life on a drawing board, with the eye of the craftsman combined with the latest in computer-aided wizardry. This enables levels of accuracy and finish that were once not possible. The technology behind the components and design ensure the product lasts and functions perfectly for many years.

The combination of excellent raw materials with clever manufacturing is just the start. We use technology to train our installers, and give them the best available tools to complete a high-quality installation.

All of this has required significant investment in the production facilities, infrastructure and processes we use, but we believe the result is a product second to none.