Side hinged garage doors

A classic look

Side-hinged garage doors are evocative of the past, and you can almost imagine them being opened on a Sunday morning ready to take a classic car for a spin! There has been a surge in their popularity, and not just because of their classic look.

They are simple to operate, and you can have them divided half and half or in thirds – which is ideal if you want something close to a normal access door. This can make it easier to walk in, load bikes or wheel out your lawnmower. After all, not everyone uses a garage to store a car!

What can you expect?

Side-hinged garage doors are fuss-free and practical. They are very secure, easier to open that other styles of garage door, and can provide the level of insulation and soundproofing that you need.

The ‘barn door’ style means there is no vertical lift, so they’re as simple to open and close. This also means there is no conflict with your garage ceiling.

They come in a choice of steel or timber. Steel side-hinged doors are made from premium galvanised steel which makes them strong, secure and resistant to corrosion, perfect for keeping the weather out and your valuables within. You can choose a range of styles and colours to complement your home.

Timber side-hinged doors offer the quality and feel that can only come with strong cedar wood – and with contemporary finishing methods, they offer excellent durability, acoustic insulation and timeless good looks.


  • Available in wood or steel
  • 50/50 or offset size doors
  • Wide range of styles and colours
  • Insulated
  • Highly secure locking system.

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