Sectional garage doors

Quality first

There are several reasons for choosing a sectional garage door for your home. As well as great looks, they are incredibly practical where there is limited space in a driveway or when you need to park close to the garage, such as when family and friends visit.

What can you expect?

A sectional garage door is lightweight and easily opens vertically like a standard garage door. It does not ‘pull’ away from the garage like an up and over door, and so will open even when a car is parked close to it. You will gain three feet of opening space compared to a standard door.

Our innovative manufacturing techniques and quality components ensure our sectional doors are both robust and secure. They are made from individually crafted sections connected using well-made hinges.

Garages are practical spaces, so we build insulation into our sectional garage doors to help keep outside noise low and your energy bills down.


  • Available in wood, steel or aluminium
  • Wide range of styles and colours
  • Sound and thermal Insulation
  • High performance weather protection
  • Highly secure locking system.

Our sectional doors