Quality garage doors

Expert Knowledge

Quality can mean different things to different people. Since 1989 when we were established, we’ve learned plenty about what people really want from a garage door, that’s why we’ve focused on all the key qualities you’d expect. It all starts from your first call or visit to our showroom.


We don’t like to simply supply a garage door. We want you to have the perfect door for your needs. This starts with our home survey, where we consider exactly what you need – such as:

  • The aesthetics of the door for your home
  • The sizing to get the perfect fit
  • The installation so we maximise convenience and minimise hassle
  • The practicalities of opening, access and storage within the garage
  • Your needs for security, insulation and longevity.

Customer-led sales

Choose your door or ask for advice by phone or at our showrooms. Our home survey is not a sales process. In 95% of cases our customers have already chosen the door they require. We take the opportunity to survey the site to ensure we leave no detail out of the manufacturing or installation process. In a way, it’s your guarantee of quality.


We want to be sure that your purchase process is seamless and your decision is the right one. This applies from your first call or meeting, through the survey and then on to installation. Our team are well-trained at all levels, and we do not outsource our installation. We have high standards when it comes to the best advice, promptness in what we do and politeness on site. That means after-sales service too; you’re a customer for life.


Does quality come at a price? We think it comes at the right price. That’s why we’ll match the price of any other provider that can offer garage door sales and installation that’s comparable to our own.


Our doors are manufactured in the UK to our exacting standards. We use the best materials and components available, because our reputation only lasts as long as our doors!


You need to buy with confidence and we offer a cast-iron warranty on our products and installation. That’s why our installation is guaranteed for up to 10 years.