Personnel garage doors

Discrete access

Personnel doors sounds very ‘business’ but they’re just the opposite. They can pull a home and garage together for your family; a sensible option for getting in and out of an external garage without opening the main garage doors.

Not only can a personnel door make access more discrete, it can be more convenient from your main home. After all, you could have a freezer, tumble dryer or bicycle in your garage that you need access to frequently.

And why just your garage? They also make excellent back doors, and doors to home offices or outbuildings.

You can also choose to co-ordinate the door colour or style – whether it’s to match your main vehicle access door, or to your home’s front or back door.

What can you expect?

Our personnel doors offer similar benefits to our main garage doors, depending on the style you choose. So as well as excellent craftsmanship you can opt for what’s important to you. This could include having the door glazed, highly secure or well-insulated.

Steel personnel doors: Our steel doors are single skin and robust and simple to install in an opening. They come in a range of styles and colours.

Insulated personnel doors: Our double-skinned doors come into their own when you use your space for ‘living’ and need that extra level of heat or sound insulation. We have an excellent range, and there’s certainly no compromise on style.

Timber personnel doors: There’s one choice of door that can’t be beaten if you want a certain look and style from your door – and that’s timber. Quality cedar doors are available in a choice of style.


  • Available in wood or single and double skinned steel
  • Glazed options
  • Wide range of styles and colours
  • Highly secure locking system.

Our personnel doors